Experience animals

At the NaturZoo you can experience animals up close – and not only in the petting zoo, which is so popular with children. In the first monkey forest in Germany, you can meet (almost) wild Barbary macaques. In the seabird aviary penguins are crossing your way and in the walk-through aviary of the humid biotope, herons and ibis fly above your head and more than 100 white storks even live completely free.

Where direct contact is not possible, you meet the animals at eye level. Here you can see the seals diving underwater and admire the gibbons in the treetops from the pulpit. Face to face with tigers and sloth bears, the observation points offer spectacular views of the naturally landscaped outdoor enclosures.


Here you can get further information about all the animals of the NaturZoo "interactively".  


About 1,000 animals in 100 species live in the NaturZoo Rheine. The 'population' consists of insects such as ants and tarantulas and a colourful flock of birds with waders, flamingos, and the largest zoo colony of weaver birds.

Of course, the little ones also expect the characteristic zoo animals such as camels, kangaroos, zebras, antelopes, and monkeys, including the rare geladas, bearded monkeys, and popular prosimians such as ring-tailed lemurs and ruffed lemurs.

...for everyone

'NaturZoo rendezvous!' In other words: encounters with animals and people. Families with small children are happy with the overview and the many play options. For school classes and kindergartens, the zoo with its favourable entrance fees is the perfect destination for an affordable school trip with a high relaxation and learning value.

On Wednesdays there is a 'senior offer' and on Fridays the entrance price for groups generally applies even for individuals (not on public holidays). Those who are no longer able to walk easily will be happy with the flat paths and the rest options. Our tour program can be tailored to special needs, for example for the disabled.

Noah's Ark

More and more animal species are threatened with extinction due to human activity. The zoos have the task of contributing to the conservation of species richness through conservation breeding programmes, information work and support for nature conservation projects.

The NaturZoo manages the studbook and coordinates the EAZA Ex-situ Programme (EEP) for the rare geladas, of which the largest breeding group under the care of humans lives here.

NaturZoo Rheine participates in many other breeding programs for endangered species, such as the Humboldt penguins, Northern bald ibis, Lion tailed macaques, Sumatran tigers, and Bali starlings. In addition, we also financially support conservation projects for Madagascan prosimians, Moroccan Barbary macaques and Sumatran tigers in the countries of origin.

Understanding nature

In the NaturZoo, children learn in a playful way which animals live in their own country and how they should be protected, so that future generations can still experience them in the wild.

Frogs and salamanders live on and in the frog pond and directly next to it one can admire the microcosm in the natural watercourse that becomes visible under the magnifying glass of many young naturalists. The water fleas play the leading role here!

The forest path, butterfly meadow and berry path are not only habitats for native small animals, but with all kinds of learning games also the 'classrooms of an open-air school' where learning is a lot of fun!

Keyword learning: On request, zoo pedagogues give biology lessons to pre-registered groups/classes on site.

Every Sunday, during the 'info feedings', everyone gets to hear all kinds of interesting facts and new information about the animals.


NaturZoo Rheine e.V.
Salinenstraße 150
48432 Rheine
Phone + 49 5971 16148-0
Fax 16148-20

Opening hours 
Open daily from 9:00 a.m. all year round
in summer until 6 p.m.
in winter until dusk

From direction Greven / Münster: B 481, B 54
From the direction of the Netherlands/Bad Bentheim and Osnabrück: A 30 exit 7 (Rheine-Nord)
Navigation systems: Please enter ’Weihbischof-d’Alhaus-Straße’ as destination

Free parking spaces are at your disposal.

By city bus from ’Bustreff City’: Line C 12 (Saline / NaturZoo)

Bringing dogs
Dogs may be taken on a short leash.

Phone +49 5971 15366, Fax 899304 info@zoobistro-rheine.de, www.zoobistro-rheine.de

Good to know

The menu ranges form inexpensive snacks to menus for groups. Of course, we also have ice cream and fries here! The ZooBistro looks forward to your visit (phone +49 5971 15366).

A large playground, a playground at the ZooBistro, a maze – lots of fun for the little zoo visitors!

Monkey forest
Meeting with Barbary macaques. You must observe the house rules!
Feeding and touching the animals is prohibited!

Stork reserve
Free-flying storks gather here during the feeding times at 9.30am and 3.30pm (subject to change).

Seal & penguins
Feeding and training shows for the seals take place daily at 11 am and 4 pm. The penguins next door are fed at 3:45 pm (subject to change).

Nature and culture as direct neighbours

The surrounding ’Salinenpark’ is the starting point for nature and culture routes through the Bentlage recreation area. The saline 'Gottesgabe' (God's gift) is a cultural-historical relic from a time when salt was still mined here. In 'Kloster Bentlage', the museum documents the art and cultural history of Westphalia. The former Crosier monastery is also the venue for exhibitions and concerts.